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Racing spraying and fabrication services Southend Rochford Essex.
Racing spraying and fabrication services Southend Rochford Essex.

Gently Jeff, gently!

The boss's drag racer in good form at Santa Pod after last seasons unscheduled flight. He's pleased to confirm, the company doesn't pay for it, so have no fear!

But it does lead us nicely into this Fairfax division, which provides not only racing services, but car modification services. Particularly, the fitting of front and rear body kits, skirts and spoilers, or any other car accessories an owner may like.

Fairfax Bodyshop & Garage also provides services directly to the racing sector, including body spraying, frame spraying and specialist fabrication services.

You can see images elsewhere on this site, of performance cars that Fairfax have worked on over the years. Some of these would be considered classic cars, as well as being high performance cars.

So in short, if you would like detailed personal attention regarding modifying your car, look no further.

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